Visit the Winery: Wine List

Below is a list of wines generally available in the tasting room. Not all wines will be available at times but most are available to taste and purchase for on-site and off-site consumption.


Muscalot Blend


Dry Wines

Blend of Merlot and Red Muscadine wines for a

balanced taste in acidity and smoothness. This

wine is dry and pairs well with grilled red meats,

Can be aged 1-2 years for a fuller body.




Grape wine from Alabama grown Hybrid varietals.

This grape is Pierce disease resistant. Norton's berry

flavors pair well with grilled meats, smoked meat and

wild game.


Black Spanish


Black Spanish is native to Texas where it has built up

a natural resistance to the deadly Pierce's Disease.

The taste of Lenoir wine is said to improve when the

bottle is left uncorked.


Gamay Nouveau (Beaujolais)

Similar to Beaujolais Nouveau, A wine made from red

grapes harvested the current year and made do be

consume very young, No aging needed, no oak.


Seyval Blanc


A white grape that makes a dry to semi-dry, clean,

crisp medium-bodied wine with an herbal, fresh

flavor similar to Chenin Blanc. Seyval pairs well with

pork and Asian cuisines.


Sirano (Syrah)






Rosso Fortissimo

A red wine that boasts a refined blend of blackberry,

black pepper and floral flavors, and builds to a bold

clean finish. Serve with your best cuts of red

meat—grilled, braised or broiled.


A Super-Tuscan styled Rosso Fortissimo wine vinted from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and native Italian varieties. A big, full-bodied wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes. French and American oaks contribute toasty vanilla and perfect balance to this intense wine. Extended aging, for a year or more, will allow this wine to mature to a harmonious delight. Goes great with grilled meats and heavy stews. Even better with wild game. Usually has good fruit taste with hints of black currant and an underlying spice.


(Sauvignon Blanc)

The most salient characteristic of sauvignon blanc

is its distinctive scents of grapefruit, lime and green

melon. It can complement everything from shellfish

and Caesar salad to fried chicken.


Blazing Sun

(Pinot Grigio)  

This medium-bodied white wine features lively, fresh

citrus notes and a subtle spiciness.  Pairs well with

lighter fare such as pasta, vegetables, fish and chicken.


SandMountain Blush

(red grapes)

This wine is made from a blend of red grape varieties

crushed and pressed at harvest. Great with pasta,

chicken or fried chicken.



Semi-Sweet Wines

Ruby Red


Features characteristic muscadine tartness and a

long finish. Serve with barbeque or blue veined cheese,

sweet and sour or spicy foods. This red wine is very rich

in antioxidants.


Autumn Blush


Aromas of cherry and muscadine fruit with a balanced

taste of sweetness and acidity and soft finish. Pairs well

with pasta, barbeque,strong cheeses or chocolate.



Sweet Wines

Sweet Muscadine     (Bronze)

A velvety sweet and smooth white muscadine varietal

wine with excellent aroma. A delightful pairing for salty,

spicy or citrus-flavored dishes. Note the distinctive

muscadine aroma.


Red Muscadine


Made of Noble and Regal muscadines and fermented

on the skins for a bold flavor. It is sweet and offers a

lingering finish. Best served chilled with pasta,

hamburgers, hot dogs or BBQ.




Dessert Wine

Made from the sweetest hand picked muscadine

berries to be appreciated as a sipping wine with

distinct muscadine taste. Excellent served with

cheese cakes, puddings, ice cream or fruits.



Cupids Nectar

(Choc. Raspberry Port)

Bringing back last year's favorite dessert wine, This port

like wine has a great bouquet of raspberry and chocolate

with the finish of a port. Alcohol is 14.6%.


Heaven's Delight

(White Choc. Port)

For those of you who prefer the lighter chocolate taste, this

port-like wine has a delicate chocolate aroma with the finish

of a port. Alcohol is 16%.



Sweet Wine Mists (Alcohol is 9%)


(Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio)

Flavors of freshly cut honeydew and juicy watermelon with a

hint of tartness from the kiwi fruit. Best enjoyed well-chilled

and served with poultry dishes, salads and sweet or salty




(Cranberry Chianti)                        

A fruity, plum-red wine with the crisp taste of fresh cranberries harmoniously blended with the velvety richness of Chianti. Pairs nicely with appetizers, poultry, pasta, and full-flavored foods.



(Raspberry White


Sweet, ripe raspberries blend gracefully with the refreshing

character of a White Zinfandel. Can be sipped alone or served with a wide range of light foods.



(Peach Chardonnay)

Hints of peaches in this Chardonnay base wine, Sweet sipping wine for a leasurly afternoon. Pairs well with cheese, strawberries, pork loin with muscadine sauce or light desserts.



(Acai Raspberry)





(Blackberry Merlot)

A wild meld of rich cabernet sauvignon with tart raspberries and the healthful benefits of superfruit Acai, a great sipping wine with

chocolate cookies.


Colourful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants make this wine perfectly enjoyable for any occasion.


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